Dr. Beau Picard

Dr. Berish has been treating me for chiropractic issues for over 20 years and she is by far the best chiropractor I've ever seen.  Issues with my back and neck have varied widely over the years.  Some were fairly minor problems resulting from a fall on the ski hill, a slip on the ice, or lifting and stacking too many heavy hay bales.

However, I've had a couple of truly major problems that were extremely painful, one of which resulted from a serious horse accident.  That particular horse wreck caused at least three ribs to become dislocated plus the small ligaments that hold the ribs to the spine were stretched and strained.  The damage was so severe that I wondered if it could ever be corrected.  Thanks to Dr. Berish, I'm back to normal and free of pain.

Dr. Berish has successfully treated every spinal problem I've ever had and she has done so with gentleness, sensitivity, compassion and professionalism.  I simply don't have enough superlatives to describe what an amazing doctor she is.  Being her patient is a blessing.


It is most gratifying for me to know that there is a great team spirit and support by Dr. Berish and Dr. Picard and also the entire staff at the Berish Chiropractic Clinic for my personal well-being over and above exceptional chiropractic care.

I feel blessed to be in Dr. Picard's and Dr. Berish's care. They are truly committed to their patients' well-being and listen when concerns are shared and offer guidance and explanations. They know that healing takes place on all levels - physical, emotional, and mental.

Thank you Dr. Picard and Dr. Berish

-R. Redding

Dr. Picard and Dr. Berish and the whole Berish Chiropractic staff are amazing! I found Dr. Picard and Dr. Berish to be extremely thorough, competent, compassionate and dedicated to the total health of his patients. I was impressed with his depth of knowledge, his accuracy and attention to detail. I highly recommend and sing the praises of Dr. Picard and Dr. Berish and their warm, caring, capable staff.

-B. Redding

All my life I have had migraine headaches. If you have ever had them, you know how debilitating and painful they are. I have been to 5 or 6 Chiropractors in Billings to no relief. I had almost given up on ever feeling better. I was referred to Dr. Beau Picard by a friend. Well to my surprise it wasn't long before my headaches became less and less painful, now I very seldom have the headaches and they are not nearly as severe. I am very thankful, I haven't felt this good in years.

-M. Moore

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